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We have many properties to choose from, ranging from mature horror to children's preschool, and we are just getting started. If you are interested in learning more about any of the following properties please feel free contact us for the passwords.


Based on an upcoming novel series, Macoute, Uncle Gunny Sack is a thrilling Horror Noire experience in the tradition of the great slasher films.  Reminiscent of classic horror stalwarts like Michael Meyers from Halloween and The Candy Man, Uncle Gunny Sack is a demon fueled, psychopath that is nearly unstoppable in his quest for vengeance.

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An ancient war between races of monsters spills from the shadows into the open. The only person capable of ending it, a girl with a special gift, is hunted by both sides of the conflict in the hopes of using her as a weapon to turn the tide in their favor before she can use her power to bring back the warriors all monsters fear.


The Beat is a music competition style show that showcases the talents of young singers and musicians.  All musical styles and genres compete to see which of them can win The Beat Competition and become the next rising star in the music industry.

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 Follow the adventures of three young volunteers at the City Zoo that discover a secret that allows them to help animals in need across the entire galaxy!



In a dystopian future, two elite warriors (lovers from enemy clans) are forced into a one-way trip back in time.  They've been sent to assassinate nine incredibly powerful mutants that will become oligarchs worshiped as “new gods” before they reach their full power and unleash hell on the world.



A Spartan-like community of genetically modified humans abducted  over the last 1000 years by alien slave merchants fight their way across the galaxy back to conquer it for themselves.

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Based on the best-selling novel by Sydney Wells, three women decide that the best way to clean the hypocrisy from the church… is by killing the hypocrites

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